Tuesday, November 8, 2011

29. The Siege

This book is a 7 out of 10. Pretty good but not absolutley riveting.
I copied the following from the Amazon ad where I got the picture...

From the first page on, readers need to be buckled in for a nonstop ride full of terror and pathos. As a lovely weekend approaches on the Yale campus it appears that a number of students—including the sons of both the Secretary of the Army and newest Supreme Court justice—may have gone missing. Kidnapping? Terrorism? The authorities aren’t sure. But the high-profile disappearances draw the attention of the CIA and the FBI’s vaunted Hostage Rescue Team. Attention quickly focuses on the fortress-like tomb of one of Yale’s secret societies. Suspended Boulder police detective Sam Purdy soon finds himself in New Haven, where he is quickly snared by an unlikely pair of Feds: FBI agent Christopher Poe and CIA analyst Deirdre Drake. Sam, Poe, and Dee join together, desperately trying to solve the riddle of what is going on inside the windowless stone tomb on the edge of campus. The clock is pounding in their ears. The unknown enemy is playing by no known rules . . . is making no demands . . . is refusing to communicate with the hostage negotiator . . . is somehow anticipating every FBI move . . . is completely unconcerned about getting away . . . And . . . is sending students, one by one, out of the building’s front door to die.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

28. The Oracle of Stamboul

This book started out great. Very intriguing. Good story. Can't wait to find out what  happens.
Back of book reads:
There are signs that Elenora Cohen is destined for an unusual life. It will be in the heart of the Ottoman Empire in 1877 that Elenora will encounter her true destiny as intrigue swirls around her.

Sounds good doesn't it? Well things are going great until the last few pages. That is when the author decides to NOT finish the story. Elenora is 9 year old when she runs away, never to be heard from again. EVER.
The last few lines of the book:
Whether she fulfilled Mrs. Damakan's prophecy or escaped it, whether she was indeed, the one who would set the world right again on it's axis, the answers to these questions we will never know for certain. And so it should be. For the stones in the river of history look different depending on where you stand.
REALLY! ???????????? Why even write the book???
Hated the ending of course.
Don't read!