Monday, December 5, 2011

32 - 35 Twilight series

Well, this is my 4th annual reading trip through the Twilight series. I just love them! Can't help it. I LOVE a good love story with angst and action. They are imperfect people or supernatural creatures but they love each other.
I have never read any other series this many times. I am a romantic at heart! Lucky for me I am married to the most romantic man I know who treats me like a queen. He says he is on team Jacob, but he is really team Edward. He always has my best interest at heart, he is always unselfish towards me, and he loves just being with me.
I am the luckiest - most blessed wife ever!

31. Thursday Next

Next in the Thursday Next series. This takes place 14 years after the last book. Her kids are teenagers. She thinks that she has 3 kids (but she only  has 2.  Aornis gave her a mind worm as a cruel joke that makes her think she has a 3rd kid) Her family humors her!
This book is all about making sure that time travel is invented so that the people that have been time traveling for 50 years can continue and the time continium (sp) will not roll up and end the world. Very funny & witty as all these books are.

30. Salem's Lot

I wouldn't have normally read this book, but I was buying some books on Alibris for Harrison's birthday and I needed to spend a few more dollars to get 20% off or something like that. Although I generally like some of his stuff, if it is not too scary.
So I think this book cost me $.99 cents. And I can say it was pretty good. Of course not for Megan, Brittany, or Jared (scaredy cats!). It was about a 5 on the scary scale. Very good vintage King. Oh yeah, it is all about vampires. NOT the good kind. You know what I mean...