Saturday, May 26, 2012

23. The Ice Princess

Audio book. Takes place in Sweden. Murder mystery that starts out looking like a suicide. I think it would have been more difficult to read since many of the names of towns and people were swedish.

22. Love You More

I was spellbound with this book. I read it while on the plane to and from Seattle. REALLY good thriller. I will be on the lookout for more from this author.

21. The Lifeboat

Very interesting book set pretty much in a lifeboat (go figure!). Their boat sinks a year after the Titanic. About 39 people end up in a lifeboat that can really only support 25 or so. Told from the point of view of newlywed Grace Winter. You get to experience the ups and downs of about a month on a lifeboat where only a handful of people survive. Grace and 2 other women are on trial for murder. What on earth happened? Read it to find out!

20. Lethal

Great who done it with lots of action and suspense!

19. The Orchard

2nd book in a year titled The Orchard.
This is a great story about a couple who fall in love immediately and get married right away. They hardly know each other but they make it work. He works himself to the bone for his parent's apple orchard business. The down side is all of the pesticides that they have to use. Good love story, but he dies early with cancer caused by the toxins. Author's note at the end of book __ wash your fruit!!

18. Gamble

Another good story by Felix Francis about the world of horse racing. Not my greatest interest, but a good story is always a good story. Great mystery.

17. The Final Note

Overview: a young romance threatens to burn out over time, extinguished by the demands of job and dreams misplaced. Good story of a marriage that starts out strong and then just drifts. Enter the wife getting into an accident and is now on life support. This makes the husband realize what is important.

16. Out of a Far Country

Very interesting book. Heard about these authors from a flyer from Focus on the Family doing a conference on  Christians and loving homosexuals. I am interested in this topic because my heart really goes out to homosexuals. I don't believe that God made people with no choice on the matter. But I do recognize the pain and disfunction that brings them to this lifestyle. So I am going to read some more on the subject written by Christians who have dealt with this.
In this book written by Christopher and his mom, Angela, they both tell their side of the story. Christopher is raised by an emotionally distant father and a typical Chinese mom. Christopher ends up living a life of non-stop drug use, partying, and endless sexual encounters with innumerable partners. He is looking for love and happiness and just can't find it.
Angela comes to the end of herself and finds God. She becomes a prayer "warrior" for her son and he finally accepts Christ in prison.
They both travel and speak telling their stories.
As far as I could tell, Christopher is single and has adopted holy sexuality. Meaning that he still has the feelings for other men, but abstains from sex.

15. (really 14 and 1/8) The Pickwick Papers

Okay, I love Charles Dickens. I have read many of his books, so I thought that I would try this classic. Sorry, it was just boring and I couldn't get into it.

14. The Woman who was not all there

This is a book from Norma Gillming, my mother-in-law. She is an avid reader!!
I have mixed feelings about this book. I like the story telling and you really know the characters. It is just a really bittersweet story. The "woman" ends up being a single mom of 4 kids. She never really finds happiness. Just sort of drifts through life on the current of her cares.

13. Mistress Pat

Well, Pat of Silver Bush is now 20. Her boyhood friend Hilary (a boy) has professed his love, but Pat is not ready to settle down or leave Silver Bush. Hilary goes off to college and Pat continues her carefree life. But as the years go by, she has a restlessness inside and can't figure it out. But we hopeless romantics know that nothing can take the place of true love in our lives. We get our happy ending!

12. Jane of Lantern Hill

again with LM Montgomery!
Jane Stuart lives in a mansion in Toronto with her domineering grandmother and beautiful but sad mother. Then she accidentally discovers that her father is alive and living on PEI. She gets to spend the summer with him. All is beautiful and ends happily. Her mom and dad end up back together and Jane is overjoyed. This was also made into a great movie!

11. Chronicles of Avonlea

Continuing on in my LM Montgomery phase..This is a book of short stories about life on Prince Edward island.
Love it!

10. Pat of Silver Bush

Can't go wrong with another LM Montgomery book. Pat starts out as a 5 year old girl. She LOVES her family and her beloved home & farm, Silver Bush. She loves every tree and bush and brook etc...
Great story of girlhood. Recommend to every Anne of Green Gables fan.

9. War Horse

I really liked this book. It is set in 1914 and is told from the point of view of the horse, Joey. It is a story of devotion and love both by horse and Albert, his original owner. My sister told me to NOT see the movie because it is too sad. But the book was really good - isn't that always the case??