Thursday, February 23, 2012

8. The Worthing Saga

Okay, this is a Matt book for sure.
It is written by Orson Scott Card and details the life of Jason Worthing (all 15,000 years or so)
It is very well written of course. So Matt, give it a try.

7. The War of Gifts

Another great book with Ender in it.
It is a short book about another kid in battle school. Of course, our hero, Ender, knows instinctively what to do even he is only 7 years old.
Loved it!

6. The Lion

This is a fast paced - action - suspence book about finding a terrorist before he finds John Corey and his wife. Both of whom have hunted this terrorist (the Lion) in the past.
The Coreys like to sky-dive and go up with a bunch of people to do formations etc. Well, on the way down someone grabs his wife and tries to kill her, guess who? ...the Lion
And thus begins the action.
Very good, and by the way, I hate terrorists.

5. Casting About

This is a sequel to a book I read a few years ago. But I didn't know that until I was about halfway and I thought that some of this is really familiar!!
It has some good characters. And it is a happy love story set on an island near Sarasota. So I like that!
It is set around a knitting store. So Megan might like it!

4. Cast into Doubt

Good murder mystery. That is all I feel like writing.

3. One Summer

from inside cover:
Jack Armstrong has been diagnosed with a fatal disease. As he lives though what he believes are his final days, another tragedy strikes when his wife is killed....

Okay, so Jack is on his deathbed in their home. His wife goes out on a snowy night to get his medicine and is killed in a car accident. His 3 kids, teen daughter, teen son, and 3 year old son are sent off to live with different relatives all over. He goes to hospice to die. Except he doesn't, he gets better. Months later, after a full miraclous recovery, he goes and gets his kids & goes to a small town in NC where his wife's family has a house and lighthouse.
After much to do about fixing the lighthouse and reading the "last" letters he wrote to his wife when he thought he was dying, it ends happily.
A good read.

2. The Wilder Life

This book is about the author's journey following the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Literally following all the places she lived as a child through adulthood. The author grew up reading all the Little House books, not watching the TV series.
I have only read the first Little House books. And that was reading it to Megan & Brittany when they were little girls. I wish I had known about the books as a child. I would have devoured them. My schooling was so hodge podge because I moved around so much (13 schools) or because our public school system is inadequate. I think it has more to do with the latter.
I digress. But I did grow up watching the TV show and loved Laura & Pa (Micheal Landon). For some reason, he reminded me of my dad. I digress again.
Back to this book, I thought it was interesting but not great. Now is the book was about following the (made-up) life of Anne Shirley!! ha ha. Who I didn't know existed until I was married and living in Tyler, Texas as a married mom. My dad calls one night and says to turn on the TV to this great series he is watching -- Anne of Green Gables. Needless to say, my world was never the same. I don't know why Mark didn't let me name Megan, Anne Shirley. Although, I did name her the same name as the actress who played her - Megan Follows.
Wow, can you tell it has been a while since I wrote anything.
Back to this book again. Laura Ingalls Wilder lived an interesting life and it was good to learn more about her.
The girls and I and Grandma Gillming actually went to her last house in Mansfield (?) Missouri a few years ago. It was very cool. Laura was a very short woman and her house was built to suit her. The kitchen almost looked like a doll house.