Friday, December 21, 2012

73. Deep Down

A Jack Reacher short story. Reacher is called in to find a traitor who is selling secrets to the highest bidder. Problem is that all 4 suspects are women sitting in a hearing for a new assault rifle.
Good little story. Only 1.99 on my kindle :)

72. The Winter Letter

Lovers of Harry Potter will love this book! Enough said.

71. Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt

Loved this book!!!!!!!! Cee Cee is 12 years old when her crazy mother, I mean wearing prom dresses daily, massive make-up, crowns, and beauty pageant sashes, crazy mother walks in front of a bus and dies. Her absentee, traveling salesman father gives her to her great aunt in Georgia. The story gets happier from here on out. A great story of love in the South by wonderful southern ladies.

70. Ice Fire

Pretty good book about a federal judge who solves a 20 year old murder case involving a scientist's discovery of a new fuel source: methane gas trapped in ice under the ocean. Good characters.

69. Thunder and Rain

Loved this book about a former Texas Ranger.  A real "Jack Reacher" kind of guy. Worth reading!

68. Oath of Office

I give this book about a 6. It is about a town where bizarre things are happening. One doctor sets out to discover what is going on. He finds out that it is a farmer's genetically altered corn that is making people sick.
Blah, blah.

67. Live to Tell

This was a very intriguing and disturbing book. It deals with mental problems in children. True statement from the book. "Parents think that the worst thing that can happen to their child is cancer, wrong - it is a mental illness."
After reading this book, I agree.
This book has given me a very tender heart towards parents who have children with mental/emotional illnesses. This is a novel and murder mystery book following 3 women: a childhood survivor of her whole family being killed by her father, a detective working on solving two recent whole family murders, and a mom whose 8 year old son tries to kill her. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?? I liked it.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

66. Don't Know Jack

This is very interesting. This book is about Reacher, but is written by another author. This book takes place 15 years after the 1st Reacher book - The Killing Floor. And the characters (FBI) are looking for Reacher. It was cool to see the story from another angle. There are more in the series that I might read.
The only disappointing part is that they never actually find Reacher, just talk about  him.

65. Killing Floor

This is the 1st Jack Reacher book. I had never read it. And I must say this is THE most violent Reacher book I have ever read. There is the most awful torture scenes described that I have ever read. And for that reason, I would not be sad if I could erase reading this book.

And while we are discussing Reacher...Tom Cruise is NOT Reacher. Reacher is 6 ft. 5 inches with very big hands and shoulders. A Big guy!

I will still see the movie and I hope I am proven wrong.

64. Hunger Games

This is my 2nd time through the Hunger Games books. I still love them! She is a great storyteller. Katniss feels like a real person to me, much like Harry (Potter), Jane (Erye), & Anne (Shirley). All my friends!!