Monday, January 9, 2012

1. Heaven is for Real

I arrived home on Friday, Jan. 6th.
On Tues. Jan. 3rd my sister Brandee called and said that things had taken a bad turn and my dad was being moved to hospice because there was nothing else the doctors could do.
We arrived in Tyler, Texas on the morning of the 4th at 7:30 am and 24 hours later on Jan. 5th at 8 am, he died.
I am thankful that we had 24 hours to spend with him and my other 2 sisters, my uncle & aunt, cousins Ginger & Brooke, and my dad's girlfriend of many years, Karen.
We were able to say goodbye, share many stories about my dad, and a lot of good memories.
He was at peace with God and was ready to go.
He woke for maybe a minute when we arrived and then he was out for the rest. But that was a good thing because breathing was so difficult.

My grief comes in waves, but I am mostly at peace. I knew this day was coming. But it is still a very odd thing to lose a parent. It just feels a little more lonely in the world.
My dad (Daddy) is now in heaven.
A few months ago, Eve Kummert, gave me the book "Heaven is for Real" because her husband had died and the book really helped her. There is a chapter called "Jesus really loves kids" that she thought I would like.
I had put off reading it.
But when I got up from my long nap after arriving home from Tyler, I picked it up and read it.
It was awesome. We forget sometimes what is waiting for us. God is really "up there" and we will get to be with Him there.
Heaven is real. Accepting Jesus as your Savior is the MOST important decision we will make on this earth. The Bible is true and Jesus loves us, really, really loves us.


Well, I did  pretty good for 1/2 of 2011 when I started this blog. I am so glad that God made books, our eyes, and great authors. I love escaping into a great book.

42. On Borrowed Time

Oh my crone, this book makes you question your sanity.
What do you do when the woman you love vanishes into thin air?
And when Richard Kilmar tries to find her, it appears she never existed at all.
Has he lost his mind or is something more sinister at play?

A very good thriller!

41. How to Bake a Perfect Life

I never would have read this if it were not in my reader's digest book. But I am glad I did. That is what I love about reader's digest condensed books. It forces me to read books that I normally wouldn't.
Anyway, this is a romantic comedy per say. But it has some very memorable characters who are not perfect and not everyone has a happy ending.

40. Worth Dying For

Alas, another Reacher book. Lee Child is a very prolific writer. He creates very good characters!
Anyway, in this book the town that he wanders into has some very dark secrets and an evil family that controls everyone with fear and intimidation.
He gets to the truth Reacher style. I love it!!
Jared thinks I am a ruthless reader or a reader of ruthless books! ha

39. The Orchard

Slightly predictable, but a good beach book. Interesting how scents and flavors are added to all of our foods, perfumes, drinks, shampoos etc...

38. Before I go to Sleep

I actually bought this book for Harrison for Christmas. It looked so good that I read it before I wrapped it. Well, Brittany read it before me. We were very gentle with it! ha ha
Inside cover:
Memories define us.
So what is you lost yours every time you went to sleep?
And the one person you trust may be telling you only half the story...

 A page turner. You should read it.

37. The Affair

This is another great "Reacher" book. This book is actually the prequel or rather what should have been the 1st book in the series. This is the last time he is in the army before he starts his wanderings. It shows how he actually came to live like he does.
Anyway, he is sent to investigate a murder in rural Mississippi. His job is to blend in with the locals and try to find out what happened. Above all, though, he is to let the army know if the murderer is a soldier stationed in the town. Or rather to protect the army above all costs, because of course, the base is the site of very top secret missions. Very good as always.

36. 11/22/63

So of course, Harrison read this first and lent it to me. He is a Stephen King fan - big time!
I really liked it. I thought that I wouldn't because I really don't care about JFK. But it is not really about him but about a kind of time warp thing that allows this guy to go back to a certain date about 5 years before JFK dies. So his mission is to prevent the assasination. For some reason "time" and "reality" don't like to be messed with and tries to thwart his mission at every turn. It kept me engaged although I could have used about 200 less pages of details and side stories.