Monday, October 24, 2011

25. Now you See Her

Okay book. 50 year old Marcy Taggert's husband just left her for his young tennis pro at the club. And her bi-polar daughter, Devon, drowned in a canoeing accident (or did she?).  So Marcy goes to Ireland on what was supposed to be her 30th wedding anniversary trip. While there she thinks she sees Devon. So she hunts all over, meets two men, sleeps with one of them, and looks for her daughter with the other one.
Spoiler - the 2nd man turns out to be a creep who kidnaps a baby with a woman who looks like the lost Devon. They want money of course. They get caught, thank goodness. And it turns out that Devon really did kill herself because she didn 't want to live such an unhappy life as an out of control bi-polar sufferer.
Oh, by the way, Marcy's mother committed suicide when Marcy was 13.
You can probably skip this one!

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