Saturday, May 26, 2012

16. Out of a Far Country

Very interesting book. Heard about these authors from a flyer from Focus on the Family doing a conference on  Christians and loving homosexuals. I am interested in this topic because my heart really goes out to homosexuals. I don't believe that God made people with no choice on the matter. But I do recognize the pain and disfunction that brings them to this lifestyle. So I am going to read some more on the subject written by Christians who have dealt with this.
In this book written by Christopher and his mom, Angela, they both tell their side of the story. Christopher is raised by an emotionally distant father and a typical Chinese mom. Christopher ends up living a life of non-stop drug use, partying, and endless sexual encounters with innumerable partners. He is looking for love and happiness and just can't find it.
Angela comes to the end of herself and finds God. She becomes a prayer "warrior" for her son and he finally accepts Christ in prison.
They both travel and speak telling their stories.
As far as I could tell, Christopher is single and has adopted holy sexuality. Meaning that he still has the feelings for other men, but abstains from sex.

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