Friday, August 31, 2012

44. Danger in the Shadows

Well, I  read this book before a few years ago. But Mark and I were on a road trip and so we listened to it on CD. I love this author, Dee Henderson. She is a great Christian fiction writer. And this book is the beginning of the O'Malley series.

Anyway, this is definitely a "girl" book. I had to endure some rolled eyes and comments in the car from Mark when things got too mushy or romantic etc... But the story is really good. The main character & her twin sister were kidnapped as a children. Sadly, the twin died and the kidnapper keeps stalking the surviving girl for the next 25 years. There is a lot of good suspense. So I recommend it for girls only!


  1. I love it!
    I miss the O'Malleys

  2. Shawn was the same way when we listened to it. I realized that it's better to read cheesy lines than to hear them. Very good and suspenseful though.