Friday, September 21, 2012

49. A Brain Wider than the Sky

A migraine diary. In honor/sympathy for my daughter, Megan.

This book is a personal story of a migraine sufferer and also a history of the migraine back to ancient days and the treatments used. He writes of how it comes on suddenly, how light is the "enemy", how any little noise makes your head feel like it is exploding, how badly you feel that your family doesn't get the best of you, just the leftover energy you have from fighting the pain. And how you feel like just an observer of the world, not a participant.

Truly heartbreaking! I have seen Megan suffer and I don't know how she does it. I have a little empathy after suffering with my frozen shoulder pain. But I really have no idea how she deals with the pain on a daily basis. Her own blog gives a peek at her life.

Family & friends- keep praying for complete and total healing for our dear, gentle, creative, strong and beautiful Megan! Amen!!

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