Tuesday, October 30, 2012

58. Cutting for Stone

My good friend, Kay Pearn, lent me this book to read. I really enjoyed it. It is one of those that you can't wait to find out what happens in the end. It takes place mostly in Ethiopia where the Stone twins are born. Their mom is an Indian nun/nurse and their dad a brilliant British surgeon.
Needless to say their birth was unexpected! This book follows the twins throughout their lives. They both become doctors.

Never really understood what the title means.

Wonderful book. Great human story with a culturally different background of India and Africa.


  1. so glad you liked it! pass it on.

    not sure about the title either unless it has to do with stone being the doctors name and the cutting open of his heart after things happen. (don't want to give too much away!)

  2. Hey I read this too!! Yeah really interesting book. I listened too it as a audio book. It was really helpful with all the names of people and places I imagine. Adis Ababa.