Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am alive!!

You will be glad to know that I am not dead! I have just experienced the BUSIEST 4 months of my life.
1. helping Britt pack her house.
2. Britt gives birth to grandson Henry on 1-26-13!!
3. Harrison and family are living with us.
4. Britt and family move in.
5. Harrison and family move out.
6. Harrison closes on house & we help them move.
7. Emily gives birth to grandson Zachary on 3-5-13!!!
8. Britt and family move to Branson Missouri.
9. We are jobless and job hunting.
10. We get our house ready to sell.
11. I go to visit Britt in Branson  - twice.
12. We go to visit Mark's parents in Florida.
13. We celebrate 30 years of marriage with a beach trip to Myrtle Beach.
14. We are keeping our house "show ready" everyday.
These are just the highlights!!!!!!!!!!

So to catch up...

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