Thursday, February 23, 2012

3. One Summer

from inside cover:
Jack Armstrong has been diagnosed with a fatal disease. As he lives though what he believes are his final days, another tragedy strikes when his wife is killed....

Okay, so Jack is on his deathbed in their home. His wife goes out on a snowy night to get his medicine and is killed in a car accident. His 3 kids, teen daughter, teen son, and 3 year old son are sent off to live with different relatives all over. He goes to hospice to die. Except he doesn't, he gets better. Months later, after a full miraclous recovery, he goes and gets his kids & goes to a small town in NC where his wife's family has a house and lighthouse.
After much to do about fixing the lighthouse and reading the "last" letters he wrote to his wife when he thought he was dying, it ends happily.
A good read.

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