Thursday, February 23, 2012

2. The Wilder Life

This book is about the author's journey following the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Literally following all the places she lived as a child through adulthood. The author grew up reading all the Little House books, not watching the TV series.
I have only read the first Little House books. And that was reading it to Megan & Brittany when they were little girls. I wish I had known about the books as a child. I would have devoured them. My schooling was so hodge podge because I moved around so much (13 schools) or because our public school system is inadequate. I think it has more to do with the latter.
I digress. But I did grow up watching the TV show and loved Laura & Pa (Micheal Landon). For some reason, he reminded me of my dad. I digress again.
Back to this book, I thought it was interesting but not great. Now is the book was about following the (made-up) life of Anne Shirley!! ha ha. Who I didn't know existed until I was married and living in Tyler, Texas as a married mom. My dad calls one night and says to turn on the TV to this great series he is watching -- Anne of Green Gables. Needless to say, my world was never the same. I don't know why Mark didn't let me name Megan, Anne Shirley. Although, I did name her the same name as the actress who played her - Megan Follows.
Wow, can you tell it has been a while since I wrote anything.
Back to this book again. Laura Ingalls Wilder lived an interesting life and it was good to learn more about her.
The girls and I and Grandma Gillming actually went to her last house in Mansfield (?) Missouri a few years ago. It was very cool. Laura was a very short woman and her house was built to suit her. The kitchen almost looked like a doll house.


  1. I love Laura Ingles Wilder's house. I remember thinking this house is just right.
    Oh I'd love a book following Anne.
    Let trace all of Anne's steps and write a book. In a couple years when Mae can appreciate them.

  2. I can't remember the house at all!! I guess being two years older made a big difference then. I honestly have no recollection that we ever did that probably because I wouldn't even want to go now even after reading this book. haha I just don't like old houses that much. : )